Stomatex Textiles

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Borrowing from the physics of transpiring plant leaves, Stomatex high-tech textiles use the art of biomimicry to imitate nature for useful applications. This super-textile uses a pattern of dome-shaped vapor chambers to allow body heat and perspiration to exit through the tiny pores at a controlled rate, keeping the body temperate no matter the level of activity and maintaining a microclimate between the skin and the fabric. Made from a closed-cell foam material, Stomatex is a Neoprene-like fabric made from a lightweight, ultra-thin, non-porous polyester membrane that is weatherproof and highly breathable and can be used for applications from athletics to healthcare...
The technology takes an important cue from nature, and is based on the laws of thermodynamics and diffusion; since heat will always transfer from a region of high temperature to a region of low temperature in an attempt to regain equilibrium, water vapor will tend to move from a region of higher density to a region of lower density. And just who invented that first? Mother Nature of course: The same thing occurs when vapor moves from the interior of a leaf to its exterior and then on into the atmosphere.

Weatherproof, flexible, and durable, Stomatex is already catching on in activities like SCUBA, windsurfing, basketball, equestrianism, and sailing. Seemingly amazingly, Stomatex responds to the individual needs of the wearer by regulating temperature control and absorbing, storing, and releasing excess body heat and perspiration as required, while keeping out rain, sleet, and snow when necessary.

In the healthcare industry, Stomatex can be used in seating and bedding to reduce the discomfort and promote improved blood circulation, while allowing excess perspiration to be removed and keeping pressure against the patient’s skin when needed. This helps to prevent the formation of bedsores and can accelerate the healing of existing wounds.

Stomatex’s R&D; docket includes a fitness suit that carries in-built adjustable weights to replicate the principles of resistance training that can help in the treatment of diseases such as osteoporosis; a range of magnotherapy shoe insoles; and other horticulture and agriculture applications. We like where this is going, especially the fact that turning to the laws of nature to evolve human fitness and technology is becoming a more popular scientific technique. ::Stomatex [by MO]

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