Sshh, Secret Summer Sale. Your Mission Starts Nau

Nau Summer 09 sale 2 photo

Pssst! Sssh! It's supposed to be a secret, so let's just keep this strictly between you and us okay. Don't tell anyone, not even your best friends and family. And certainly don't pass on the news to that crew hanging round your FaceBook page. But Nau have started their SummerFun sale, with 50% off everything on their site.

It's going to be hard not telling anyone that all this cool, technical, stylish, outdoor inspired, eco-apparel fashioned from recycled polyester, organic cotton, corn PLA, mohair, down, and merino wool, is now available at half price. But we're sure you're up to the challenge.

Nau Summer 09 Sale 1 photo

Oh, the real "For Your Eyes" only part is that you'll need a password. Quick, make sure no-one is peeking over your shoulder. You'll need to type the code SUMMERFUN during the order summary section of your online purchase. You only have until 15 June 2009 until this message self destructs.

Your mission, if you chose to accept it, starts ::Nau
Photos: taken with a concealed camera at Nau
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