SpeeZees T-shirts teach kids about endangered species

SpeeZees northern spotted owl T-shirt
Promo image SpeeZees

When you buy one of these adorable organic cotton T-shirts, $1 will be donated to an organization working to protect the animal featured on the shirt.

Three years ago, a little girl named Nadia came up with an idea to help save threatened and endangered species. Why not design and sell T-shirts profiling these animals in order to spread awareness about their terrible predicament? At the same time, a portion of the profits -- $1 per T-shirt sold -- would be donated to organizations working directly with those animals in need of protection.

Assisted by her parents, who already ran a business making organic cotton children’s clothing, Nadia’s environmental concerns led to the creation of a new company called SpeeZees. Together, the family selected the animals they wanted to feature on the new T-shirts. The 2014 collection includes the northern spotted owl, polar bear, Asian elephant, Lehmann’s poison frog, Cape Mountain zebra, Western bumblebee, mountain gorilla, greater bamboo lemur, Indochinese tiger, and Amsterdam albatross.

The SpeeZees team wants us to pay attention to what's really going on:

“We’ve learned that we are in the midst of the greatest biodiversity crisis the world has ever see. The rate of extinction today (the anthropocene, the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on the climate and the environment) is the highest in the history of our planet… Species are disappearing at a rate up to 1500 times what is considered ‘normal’.”

SpeeZees T-shirts serve multiple purposes: first, to celebrate the wonderful conservation work being done by organizations around the world; second, to create awareness and recognition of which animals need our help; and third, to encourage children’s inherent connection with and curiosity about nature.

The T-shirts feature cute illustrations of each animal and its name, and come in a variety of different coloured backgrounds. All are made with GOTS-certified organic cotton grown in India, where farmers are paid a 30 percent premium above conventional cotton prices and are given a purchasing commitment prior to harvest to ensure income regardless of the harvest quality or quantity.

The SpeeZees website offers detailed information about each animal and explains which organizations will be supported by your purchase. You can order T-shirts in children’s sizes 2, 4, and 6 online. (Baby and youth sizes are not yet available.)

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