Sonic Fabric Recycles Phish

Let's see, how to categorize this one? Recycling, Sustainability, Celebrities, Do-It-Yourself? How about, Wow, I wish I'd thought of that. Alyce Santoro's Sonic Fabric is all of that and more. The fabric is woven from pre-recorded, old narrow magnetic tape. Some products are created from fabric hand-loomed by refugee artisans in Nepal, to honor the tradition of Tibetan prayer flags which inspired the fabric. A dress made specially for Jon Fishman of Phish was played by him on stage, using a pair of gloves with tape heads sewn into them. The fabric (produced industrially in the USA) is available by the yard so other designers can adopt this unique and expressive medium. And if that isn't enough D-I-Y, you can find easy tips for making your own sonic fabric playback device--recycling your old walkman to boot--on the FAQ page at Sonic Fabric.