Sneak Peek at Ecoganik's Upcoming Clothing Collection

Last century finding clothing that trod lightly on the planet was as hard as, well, finding WMD in Iraq, — i.e, nigh on impossible. If threads were your scene, then looking sharp pretty much excluded benign materials and labour practices. There were a few brave souls, like Lynda Grose, who drove the excellent and ground-breaking e-collection for Esprit and Sally Fox, who pioneered naturally grown colored organic cotton. But, by and large, slim pickings. Today though. Wow! The fabrications are more readily available and awareness is high. A prime example of this vibrancy is Ecoganik. Cast your eye over these garments, hot off the production line. Deep green clothing, yet not a wooly-sweatered, greasy haired feral in sight. Street smart and environmentally intelligent. Conjuring up visions in 100% organic cotton, the Ecoganik design team are striving to promote Eco-fashion to the mainsteam. Looking at their latest creations it would seem that their aim is true. They also form fetching fashions from tencel, hemp, organic indigo denim, silk, organic wool, and eco-fleece. And yes, as a previous reader noted, at this stage its only for the curvier gender. But hey, this pair of eyes sure ain't complaining. ::Ecoganik [by WM]

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