Sneak a Peek at Nau's 2009 Fall Collection

Nau Fall 2009 peek 1 photo

Nau is still having their end-of-season sale at 30%-50% off. However they've snuck out some photos of some pieces from the Fall 2009 collection due for release later this month. More pix below.

In case you haven't yet caught up with these guys, Nau make impeccably tailored clothing that straddles the divide between backcountry and bar hopping, between schussing and shopping. And they do it with unique fabrics crafted from the likes of recycled polyester, corn PLA, merino wool, organic cotton, etc, whilst donating 2% of each sale to customer selected NGOs. nau fall 2009 peek 2 photo

Nau also chose to support athletes, activists and artists, and currently they're doing this through their $10,000 Grant4Change program whereby worthy projects self nominate and get voted up by the wider community.

Oh, and for more of the sneak peek, check out the Nau Flickr page

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