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The ladies at Small Axe Clothing "aim to make an environmental and social statement" by blending vintage styles with organic fabrics. Instead of making plain tees with eco-statements, these gals are kicking fashion up a notch. Dresses, skirts, halter-outfits, and even a few stylish swimwear items complete this year's collection. Each of the items has a bit of sass, which is easily detected when you peruse their online boutique.

The clothing is made from blends of organic cotton, hemp, and soy, just to name a few. The styles take you back a few years, like to the 50s, with swing jackets and wide, gingham skirts. Many of the models pair the outfits with hats and leopard print heels to really make the styles pop. Cute accents and glass beads top off each outfit. The clothing is very reminiscent of something you might find in The Natural Store.

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Small Axe also has a blog covering a range of eco-topics. Be warned: the articles are rather long, so pour a tall mug of your favorite joe and curl up for a good read. The website is full of tips and resources on going green, at times making you wonder if they are selling clothes or more interested in saving the planet, or both.

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Small Axe can also be found on Myspace and Facebook. You can purchase Small Axe clothing at a few retail boutiques across the US and online.

Note: some of the items, particularly the swimwear, does contain spandex and other "non-eco" materials.

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