Shoes that Separate Style and Structure

Whether you love shoes or just have to own a couple of pairs in different colours or styles for different functions, they can take up a lot of space and breaking in new ones can hurt. Mark Klein thought about his and came up with an interesting idea: separate a well fitted, orthopaedic core (the bone) from the stylish "skin" that can be changed in seconds. Result: Instant customization, comfort and style, without the waste of shoe structure that sits in the closet. The bones can last almost forever, while the skins can be replaced as they wear out.

Klein worked on the initial idea with designer Kobi Levy and then"stylized" it up with New York designer Dror Benshetrit. Benshetrit set out to create a simple yet iconic shape that he believed could stand the test of time. "It's very dangerous introducing something innovative to the market," he says. "People might think it's too difficult or weird. So it was really important for me to develop something that was intuitive and logical." Finally Klein called on the fashion expertise of high-end shoe designers Silvano Banfi and Frank Zambrelli (who have previously worked for companies such as Gucci, Bally, and Coach) to oversee a consistent look across the range of Skins.

"It's a product that just seems to make a lot of sense," Klein says. "When people look at it, I want them to scratch their heads and wonder why no one had thought of it before." ::Metropolis and ::Skins Footwear

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