Shepherdess Marries in Her Own Sheep's Wool

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Image from the Daily Mail

We've read about eco wedding dresses but this one takes the cake, or should that be wool. A modern day shepherdess, actually a breeder of rare sheep, decided to get married in a dress made of the wool from her favourite Lincoln Longwool sheep, Olivia. As one paper put it "Shear comes the bride" and "She fleeces her flock for a wedding frock."


Image from the Daily Mail

This is no wolf in sheep's clothing. She looks gorgeous, and so does the dress. According to the story in the Daily Mail, the bride just wanted " to prove to people that wool is not just something for knitting bobble hats from, and that our native breeds can have just as big a presence today as in the past."

The dress took a spinner and dressmaker 67 hours to make. But it was worth it, said the groom who wore a wool waistcoat and the bride who describes herself as "sheep-crackers." They are a tight-knit couple. In keeping with the theme, she had a crook, like little Bo-Peep's and the ring cushion was made of fleece. The dinner featured lamb and chocolate sheep-shaped favours. Not baaaaad. : Daily Mail
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