ShariBe - Casual Eco Chic


A wee while ago, when we ran a tongue-in-cheek post on Avita, a line of slinky green apparel for women, a reader commented, "So do I have to be anorexic to wear any of that?" Now, we are sure that Avita comes in larger sizes than were shown on the models adorning their website, but the reader did have a point. So when we noticed the fuller figured women modelling ShariBe, we had one of those ah-ha moments. The line is described as embodying a "simple elegance that can best be defined as casual chic. Contemporary, versatile, and with long lasting appeal." The garments are crafted from certified organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and soy. Then coloured via low impact fibre reactive dyes, with water-based inks for the screen printed designs. Buttons complete the eco story, being selected from natural shell, coconut, wood and horn. Currently the ShariBe line is made in the USA, with the company supporting the Fair Trade and Sweatshop-Free philosophy. And did we mention the range is available is sizes XS through XL? Thought so. An emerging menswear range is coming through as well. ::ShariBe.

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