Sears Sells Bagir's Recycled PET Bottle Suit on Father's Day


If you were a child of the Seventies you might, like us, have fond childhood memories leafing through the thick Sears' catalogue, choosing with your friends what you'd buy if you had a million dollars. Now that we have grown up and can't bear to bring oversized catalogues into the home, it looks like Sears has grown a bit in the environmentally friendly direction too.

Come this Father's Day, Sears has decided to take a chance with tailoring manufacturer Bagir and sell the world's first suit made from recycled PET bottles. Bagir —— the same company which invented the IPod suit and the machine wash and dry suit (available through Marks and Spencer) —— has devised a new way to help fathers everywhere go green, without them having to realize it.
For about $200 a suit, you can buy Dad the EcoGIR suit at Sears. Under the Covington private-label (you might have to hunt for it in the store), and only in US stores, the suit is made from wool and recycled PET plastic bottles collected in Japan, reports ISRAEL21c.

Bagir's suits will also be the first in the world to carry a carbon footprint label. A carbon emissions label, they say, will help educate consumers to let them know how much greenhouse gas causing carbon dioxide emissions, or its equivalent, was created during the manufacturing and shipping process. 

"Recycled bottles save 77 percent of the carbon emissions that go into suit production," said Moshe Gadot, the director of global development and marketing, when we talked with him for an article in ISRAEL21c. Working with the UK consultancy, Greenstone Carbon Management, Bagir now also works to educate consumers about using lower temperature wash cycles and have started to ship more products by sea.

The company's ultimate dream, says Gadot, is to one day see the entire tailored clothing industry go green and "retired" suits get recycled into new products. 

"Eco was a strong direction for our company so we started working with consultants and found a few threats," he said.

One threat they defined early on was the chemical perchloroethylene "perc" used in the dry cleaning business, and which is now entering America's drinking water. 
To reduce the use of perc, Bagir invented the world's first machine washable suit, available today through Marks and Spencer.

The suit has become a hit among men on the go who like the idea of washing their suit in water at home or in the hotel, while saving the planet.

And today TreeHuggers, we have two of these suits to give away, courtesy of Bagir. To enter the contest, let us know in the comments section, your revolutionary idea for greening the men's tailored clothing business. Two winners —— announced on Father's Day and chosen by Bagir and this TreeHugger —— will each get their own machine wash/tumble dry suit sent to their home.

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