Seacell: Seaweed Enhanced Underwear and More

Want a bit of the ocean in your clothing? Seacell is a fabric made out of Lyocell (a 100% wood pulp fiber) and seaweed. The theory is that your skin will absorb nutrients from the seaweed, which is quite mineral- and vitamin-rich. From what I can gather, Seacell incorporates 5% seaweed content. The fabric was devised in Germany, and has been certified by the European "Eco-Label", which promotes green products. The manufacturer, Zimmer AG, says that the porous, open structure of the Seacell fibers "breath" well and absorb what your skin expels. Seacell is mostly being used in bras and underwear, but it also being used in bedding. REI sells a Seacell travel blanket, for example. :: Seacell available from Underwear Options via Popgadget [by Justin Thomas]