Save a Threatened Breed. Wear It: Finisterre's Bowmont Beanie

finisterre bowmont beanie photo

Photo: Finisterre.

Last week was Wool Week in the United Kingdom, The perfect time for sustainable outdoor clothing brand Finisterre to announce they finally have some fruits of their labour, to keep alive the Bowmont sheep.

Whilst big fans of Merino wool for performance outdoor garments, Finisterre has also made a conscious decision to move as much of its material sourcing and manufacturing as close to home (in Cornwall) as possible. Seeking an alternative to Australian and New Zealand wool, they happened upon Lesley Prior's 30 Bowmont sheep. Fours later Lesley has 100 of the wooly wascals, just enough for a season's worth of Bowmont Beanies.

The surf-inspired crew at Finisterre are stoked to be a British company, using British manufacturing, helping to revive a near extinct British breed of sheep. Or as they also see it: "All we are saying is ... give fleece a chance."

The 17.5 micron Bowmont wool (finer than most merino) is being made into this limited number of cosy beanies. £50 (approx $80 USD) might be more than you normally pay to keep your scone warm, but it's not everyday you get to wear the coat of an endangered breed.

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When their full winter line is available we might drop back in on Finisterre to see what other new tricks they've got up their sleeve.

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