Sarah Victoria Organic Softwears


It’s incredibly challenging to get a new business established in Australia. Even with cheaper air transport, telecommunications and the web. It’s been labeled the ‘tyranny of distance’, and not only applies to how far everything is from Australia, but how spread out is the internal economy. We have seven per cent of the US population dispersed across a land mass 83% the size. But this hasn’t deterred Sarah Victoria from launching a line of certified organic clothing. Although it’s only a young range, she has already found retailers in half of the country’s states to stock her organic apparel for men and women. She suggests, in the online store, that a purchase of organic clothing will save about 226 gms of toxic chemicals from contaminating soil, compared to conventionally grown cotton. Wool, hemp, silk, flax, and it seems Tencel, also get a look in. The garments are currently made in Australia and therefore are not in the budget end of the price spectrum. But the styling does seem both contemporary and classic so you should get a decent life from your purchase. ::Sarah Victoria.

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