Sage by Delano Collection

Sage by Delano Collection is a sustainable women's clothing line that was created to feature sophisticated, classically tailored pieces. Seen here is their first release: a coat created with a 100% organic wool shell and a lining made of bamboo fabric. The initial impulse was to design a "polar fleece" coat, but Chuck Heckman, the designer, found that the material didn't satisfy his sustainable or aesthetic inclinations. Instead, an organic wool felt was created especially for this jacket in conjunction with the Vermont Organic Fiber Company. The bamboo lining is a cellulose fabric, which means that bamboo "wood" is broken down into fibers using a chemical process. The resulting fibers are woven into this super-soft material. The chemicals used in the break-down process are recycled and reused to reduce waste and pollution. You can read an interview with the designer Chuck Heckman, on ECO PSFK. :: Delano Collection