Safety Shorts Protect Your Privates From The Perils of EMF Radiation


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Is that a smartphone in your pocket? We certainly hope not, because it is constantly talking to the antennae around you, broadcasting little bursts of EMF. As a public service, TreeHugger has shown a number of products designed to protect you from the ElectroMagnetic Fields that some claim can cause nausea, headaches, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, tinnitus and rashes, not to mention cancer. For your face, we offer Clarins E3p Screen Mist; now, for your privates, we show the Safety Shorts.

One of the inventors, student Rico Kogleck, explains:

I was sitting in a lesson at school and we were talking about radiation from laptops and mobile phones. I started thinking about what we could do to protect ourselves from it and then I thought about protective boxer shorts.

Rico continues in Metro:

The people most likely to use laptops and phones heavily are young men and they are also the people most at risk. This is a product people my age really need.

Indeed they do. The shorts evidently include silver threads that block 99% of emitted radiation. They are for sale, somewhere that I can't find, for $42 a pair.

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