Romp - clothing of traceable origins

Now this product line may not get the tick of approval from our many vegan readers. However, British based Romp are certainly being a heap more transparent in their operations than most of the ‘rag trade’. Just like the ‘chain of custody’ system used for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) timber certification, Romp can track the production lifecycle of its apparel, footwear and luggage, much of which uses organic leather, right back to the farm. In the case of this ‘Classic Mac' to an individual porker in Denmark. From there, to placing the product in your hands, they can tell you the date, time, person and location involved in the complete garment construction. Such diligence does not come cheap. The macintosh coat that results will have you reaching for £745 ($1,420 USD). The truth may hurt at little, but it sures beats being deceived. ::Romp [by WM]