Revenge Is Channels Eco-Activism into a New Use for Plastic Bottles

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The best revenge is living well. At least that's what a new green company, Revenge Is proclaims. While the argument that the best revenge for society’s eco-problems is simply living well seems optimistic, the company has come up with a grand marketing scheme and an interesting use for discarded plastic bottles.Revenge Is has developed green products that affirm the idea that small steps like reusable bags and eco-friendly T-shirts can make a real difference. But what makes them innovative? These T-shirts and bags are made from plastic bottles.

The Plastic Bottle T-Shirt and Reusable Bag
Revenge Is has found another use for a small portion of the worldwide 2.7 million tons of plastic used each year to make water bottles. In the United States, less than 20 percent of those bottles are recycled. The company is turning this everlasting material into T-shirts and reusable bags.

How does Revenge Is turn plastic bottles into fabric?
Recycled plastic bottles are melted down to become a fine yarn which is blended with organic cotton to create a T- shirt. It also uses the recycled plastic bottles in its reusable bags. Pretty impressive idea. The company also has a 100 percent organic cotton T- shirt and an all purpose reusable mug though it seems like a sidenote when compared to the plastic tee.

Revenge Is Causes
The company donates 10 percent of profits to charitable non profits. Specifically, Netroot Nations and Humane Farm Animal Care, Saban Free Clinic, and the Youth Mentoring Connection.

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