Revel Seven: New Line Takes Pride in Organic Clothing

Recycle Bicycle Tshirt Organic Jeans by Revel Seven Photo
Peace Fingers Yellow Tshirt Organic Jeans by Revel Seven Womens Photo

Images via: Revel Seven

Coming to eco-luxury stores this July is Revel Seven, the new 100% certified organic clothing company by founder Joe Tomlinson and wife Amy. Patriotic and environmental themes adorn each of the tees and the jeans come in vintage and broken-in, comfortable fits, the way jeans should be.

United by Love Flag Tee Organic Jeans by Revel Seven Photo
The organic graphic tees include giant peace-sign fingers and patriotic themes like the American flag and Uncle Sam. To go with those patriotic-themed tees, come another American standard, blue jeans, only these aren't made with any of the traditional chemicals. These jeans are without any bleaches or chemicals. Instead, Revel Seven uses a hand sanding process to create the abrasions and a natural wash to give jeans a vintage look. They also have a team of slackers who just roam around in the jeans to give them that broken-in look. Just kidding.

Tomlinson developed Revel Seven to make a line of clothing with the highest quality materials and the highest standards available and works to ensure that all clothing is made under the GOTS Certification (Global Organic Textile Standard). Most of the clothing is made in Los Angeles and can be purchased starting July 25 from Revel Seven and boutiques around the country. :Revel Seven
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