Rescue Me!


Pity the poor sheep: they are sent to slaughter for being male, missing a pregnancy, being a little lame, being too small, being too old or having imperfections in their fleece. But not all of them: the founders of Izzy Lane, a new British brand of clothing, rescue these sheep by buying them and letting them live happily everafter in their Sheep Sanctuary. In 2006 they saved 400 lucky sheep. Combining their passion for animals, great clothes and Britain, these confirmed vegetarians have created a line of knitwear made of the wool from their flock of Shetland and Wensleydale rescued sheep. The clothes are very classic and traditional in style, yet still modern looking. The kind of basics that one can wear forever. This includes cashmere sweaters, with the yarn coming from flocks of goats in Scotland. Shetland skirts and suits are made from their flock of 250 Shetland sheep. Some of the knitwear is made from the wool of Wensleydale sheep, an endangered breed, with only about 1800 left in the world. They have 250, most of which were destined for the meat markets before they saved them. The clothing is made locally by neighbouring craftsmen--the last of worsted spinners and dyers in the Bradford area. The cloth is woven at an ancient mill in Selkirk using Victorian machinery that has been operating for over a hundred years. In an Izzy Lane garment, the full provenance, from the fleece through the whole manufacturing process to the garment itself, is known. :: Izzy Lane

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