Remixd: Charming upcycled clothing from thrift store finds

In the current glut of cheaply made disposable fashion, it's not easy to make something old and previously worn into something that is new, precious and unique. But that's what many eco-fashion designers are diligently doing, by transforming thrift store finds into eye-catching, zero-waste creations. Queens, New York-based Jacquie Tsang of Remixd Clothing does exactly that, creating casual, unique and eco-conscious clothing that anyone can wear with comfort and style.©©©

Tsang tells us that she usually finds her materials in thrift stores, which she then matches up in terms of pattern or colour to create one-off pieces that may either fall into the "bohemian," shabby chic category or the more elegant, European-inspired, layered "lagenlook" category.©©©

But her design philosophy came out of her past experiences, she says:

When I went to fashion school, I noticed all the waste that was created through just making one garment. I would bring home long pieces of scrap fabric and odd shaped pieces of muslins that were used for the fittings, simply because I couldn't bear to throw them away. This led me to search for ways to be eco-friendly. I did some research and I was convinced that upcycling was the best way to go.©©

Tsang says that in making her pieces, she combines traditional methods like pattern-making with free-style sewing, then finally adding whimsical details like lace for the final, personal touch that catches the eye. The result is feminine clothes that have a playful but mysterious edge to them.©©©

There's no doubt that thrifting is fun, but it's quite the creative endeavour to turn those thrifted raw materials into something tasteful and imaginatively styled. More over at Remixd Clothing on Etsy.

Remixd: Charming upcycled clothing from thrift store finds
Creating romantic, shabby chic dresses to elegant, layered European-inspired pieces, designer Jacquie Tsang transforms boring thrift store clothing into something unique and stylish.

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