Reformation offers eco-chic with celebrity appeal

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In a building that once housed a bakery, eco-conscious clothier Reformation designs, cuts and sews all of its garments in L.A. The fashion-forward brand offers styles that might be compared to Nasty Gal or Top Shop, but with much closer-to-home production and a greener outlook.

The company sources less environmentally harmful materials, such as biodegradable Tencel (which uses sustainably harvested wood pulp and requires less water to produce than cotton) and leftover fabrics from other manufactures (called deadstock).

eco-friendly clothing© Reformation
The factory too, is geared towards greater sustainability. According to the company’s website, the L.A. facility uses clean energy, sustainable office supplies and recycled paper.

Founder Yael Aflalo started the brand by updating vintage dresses, but since then the idea behind this “reformation” has come to mean more than transforming individual garments in an attempt to remake the fast-fashion model. Having control over its own production means that the company can have a fast turnaround for new designs, and better control over their inventory, Aflalo told the New York Times. Runs can be as small as 40 items per style and fabric, which adds a specialness to each garment.

Dresses may still be the backbone of the company’s offerings, but Reformation also offers jeans, wedding-ready gowns, sweaters, and even leather jackets made from deadstock.

Reformation has gained popularity with a number of celebrities, such as singer Taylor Swift, model Karlie Kloss, and actress Vanessa Hudgens. With some garments priced upwards of $200.00, it can feel like you need to be a celebrity to afford them too, but there’s plenty to be found for less. I particularly love the Amelie dress ($98.00) and the Cressida tee ($38.00)—shown below.

eco-friendly clothing© Reformation

Reformation offers eco-chic with celebrity appeal
Eco-conscious clothier Reformation has gained popularity with a number of celebrities.

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