Reformation has made recycling clothing insanely easy

Reformation has made recycling clothing insanely easy
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There’s already so much to love about Reformation, the eco-conscious clothing line that’s adored by both celebs and greens. It’s domestically produced in L.A., using recycled or eco-friendly fabric. Their facility uses clean energy and the office works to be eco-friendly in all kinds of other ways too.

Now, the company is making it super easy for you to recycle your old clothes. Any U.S. customer who purchases a garment from Reformation online will receive their shipment in a box—plus a special return label addressed to a clothing recycler. You then load up the box with any gently used clothing and shoes you want to have recycled, slap on the return label and leave it out for your mail carrier.

It’s free and you don’t even have to leave your house. How easy is that?

RefRecycling from Reformation on Vimeo.

Reformation has partnered with Community Recycling to make RefRecycling happen. Community Recycling works with thrift stores in the U.S. and also works with “micro-entrepreneurs” in other countries, to prevent clothing from ending up in the landfill.

Reformation founder Yael Aflalo said in a press statement that she hopes to help her customers become more sustainable. “Making sure that the clothes they buy are made sustainably is obviously a priority. But it's also important to help them with garment care and what to do with their old clothes when they're over them, and to make that as easy as it possibly can be.”

So, what if you’re not a Reformation customer? Also easy. You can still go to Community Recycling’s website and print out a free shipping label. You’ll just have to find a box, which probably still beats lugging bags of donations just about anywhere.

Reformation has made recycling clothing insanely easy
The eco-conscious clothing maker now ships its garments with a recycling return label.

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