Reflective Circle: For a "Well Designed Karma."


Hailing from Gothenberg, Sweden, Reflective Circle describe themselves as "a design company with a heart." Established in 2001 by Josefin Lassbo, a Masters graduate in fashion design from the Danish Design school in Copenhagen, it wants to push the concept of "sustainable, ecological fashion clothes, produced ethically." Josefin says, and we agree with her wholeheartedly, "We don't need any more mountains of poisoned mass produced clothes on this planet - but we need a better alternative!" To this end she seems to also work as an educator and consultant in the field of eco-fashion. There are four clothing lines; including Diffusion, (10 styles and 10 colours, all from ethically certified European factories) and Inhale/Exhale a range of organic yoga-wear. Plus they do custom printed organic T-shirts too. ::Reflective Circle

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