Recycled Tyres Bags and Furniture by Mecha


Boy we've looked for this woman everywhere! We first checked her work in an Mtv show, but her website was down and we couldn't find any link to her. A few weeks later, magically one of her friends named her in his personal blog and voilá!.
Mexican designer Metztli Mancilla Hernandez, a.k.a. Mecha, works with different types of recycled materials. The one that caught our attention was this collection of recycled tyres bags, which look amazingly cool to be tyres. The collection is appropriately called In Route, and was first launched a year ago.
"The concept is to create functional pieces in the form of gardens", she says. "For the furnitures, the tyres are first collected from the deposits, cut in quarters, cleaned and then re-cut in straps. They are applied to make the furniture, and the rubber is then polished", adds Mecha. For the bags, the tyres are cut in halves, then in patterns, and sewed.
Bags are from 30 to 45 dollars. Chairs and the cubes go from 180 to 200. She delivers to the USA and Europe (more pictures in the extended).
In her website there is also a line of accessories from recycled clothing, including some nice Gwen-Stefani-style necklaces with ties, and some e-mail addresses to contact her. ::Mecha

Thanks to Jesus Torres for the hook up!


Recycled tyres chair and bench.


Recycled tyres rug.

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