Recycled Rubber Lazy Boy Flip Flops by Splaff

Because we loved the Flip Flop door mat so much (or maybe just because we're reminiscing about warm weather back), we decided to do some more research on the trend. Traditionally just worn to the beach, flops have become a symbol of a laid-back way of life. We love ‘em too, but hate it when they’re designed to be cheap throwaways, so we were stoked to discover that these Lazy Boy flops flip off the trend. Made from recycled race car tires and bicycle inner tubes, they’re not only comfortable but durable, too. And since they’re slip-resistant, they’re perfect for water activities, which (sigh) those of us in the Northeast will have to wait another five months to plunge into. Hey, that reminds us, we need a vacation. $38.95. ::Vivavi [by Kara DiCamillo]