Rechargeable Foot Warmers - Green Idea, or Green Lame?


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Okay. I'm on the fence about this, so I'm opening it up to you all. Are these rechargeable foot warmers a clever way to keep yourself toasty without turning up the thermostat, and therefore keeping your carbon footprint small (har. har.)? Or, are they just another piece of junk in the long list of "Things We Don't Need"?

Truly, I can't decide. Read on for pros and cons. Here are some facts. These are insoles that you slip into your shoes to keep your tootsies warm. They automatically shut off after reaching a temperature of 44 degrees C. They require two hours of charging to get eight hours of heat.

So for the cons, we can state the obvious. What do these do that a good pair of organic wool socks couldn't do? And if socks fail, then how about 100 jumping jacks to get your blood pumping. And two full hours of charging?? Perhaps, with them shutting off automatically after they reach a certain temperature, the charge could last much longer than eight hours. But that's quite a bit of charging. And, they're incredibly expensive, priced at £159.00, or about $318 US.

On the other hand, these conjure up a sympathy for people who just can't seem to get warm during the winter me being one of them. When tempted to turn up the heat, perhaps these would do the trick. They'd also be great to take on trips to cold areas, or if you work in an office that is chilly but don't want to be "one of those" with the energy-sucking personal space heater. They could indeed be a greener way to get through a cold winter.

I'm totally on the fence about this, so you decide. Green cool, or green lame?

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