Rajboori, beautiful eco silk textiles from India

Rajboori eco silk textiles PHOTO

If you like it colourful and silky, eco-friendly and hand-crafted, Rajboori has just the things for you. These luxurious eco silk textiles brighten up any home with a bit of Indian colours and modern designs.

Designer Stephen Burks and home textile industry veteran Mitun Chakrabarti have just launched Rajboori, a new brand of sustainable textiles. Products include quilts, pillows, duvet covers, coverlets and pillows. Intense colours, such as turquoise and fuchsia are mixed with soft pastels such as dusk rose and beige. Geometric shapes create the patterns and are beautifully combined with ancient skills of top-stitching, appliqué, quilting, and weaving, all hand-made just outside Calcutta.

The fabric? —Peace silk.

Peace Silk is the only silk in which the silkworm is allowed to live a full life after emerging from the cocoon that is used to extract the silk. Our silk has the appearance of wool mixed with cotton but is soft and exquisite, along with the desired thermal property, making it perfect for duvet covers and quilts. Peace Silk is also breathable, lightweight and long-lasting, making all RAJBOORI products perfect for year-round use. Unlike most other silks, Peace Silk is meant to be washable, thus making it eco-friendly and an easy care luxury.


Silk is a renewable and biodegradable material that has been a luxury fabric for thousands of years. Rajboori developed a rare variety of Peace Silk that has the comfort and durability of cotton but the richness in color and depth of the most precious silk. You can buy the products via the Rajboori web site. Via ::Monocle ::Rajboori
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