Rainlegs — For When the Sky is Falling


A British friend says of cycling in the UK: "if it doesn't rain on the ride out, it probably will on the way back." I wonder if she has seen these. Rainlegs tackle the wetness problem in two ways. They're lightweight, wind and water repellent 'parachute cloth' leggings, that one wears in a thin band around the waist. When it begins to rain, roll 'em down and fasten around the upper leg and knee, to shed the worst of the weather. And because they're not a complete cover, sticky condensation as often found in overpants is significantly reduced. Testers seem to agree that they really do work. While designed with cycling in mind, Rainlegs are also suggested for horseriding, running and rowing. Discovered at ::Cleverchimp. £25 ($43 USD) from ::Rainlegs