Rafters Sandals to Go Recycled


The sandal that Bill Coombs, CEO of Rafters Footwear, is holding here, is we believe one of a new line that will sport outsoles made from 25% recycled rubber. With the polyester webbing straps created from recycled drink bottles. It seems like the recycled rubber content will come from the factory trim waste from athletic shoes. In an effort to reduce the amount of rubber used, biodegradable jute or cork is said to be added to the mix. Although it costs more to make shoes with recycled materials the company won't be passing those costs on to consumers, with Bill saying, "We're hoping increased volume (in sales) will cover that expense." The recycled content sandals are to be launched to the trade soon, and in retail stores from early 2008. Produced in China they're expected to retail for $20 to $55. But we read, with some concern, that the line has 82 different styles. Of sandal. From just one company. Whoa! A sister line of waterproof footwear, Bogs, is also looking like it might get some of the same ‘green’ treatment. ::Rafters, via ::The Register Guard, (Wayne Eastburn is credited with the pic.)

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