Quiet Hero Spring '09 Line Sneak Preview

Quiet Hero War Is Tshirt Photo
Quiet Hero Lion Tshirt Photo

Images courtesy of Quiet Hero.
Quiet Hero, a San Diego based clothing company sprang onto the scene in 2007 and has not stopped running. Their tshirts are quickly gaining interest in boutiques across the US. With themes like "Art you can ride a tiger in" these shirts definitely add something different to your wardrobe and a little punch to your closet.Lee Selman, owner, describes Quiet Hero as a mix of camels and commandos. Don't get the link? Neither did we, until Salman explained. Salman started in the mortgage industry but it wasn't filling her creative interests, so created Quiet Hero and hired animal-loving artist Carla Naden. So where do the camels fit in? Well apparently Selman does have a background in camel handling and even owned a desert expedition company in the Sahara. Yep, we're not kidding.

Selman added her partner Nik Hawks to the mix to coordinate sales and the store took off. "Quiet Hero sprang forth and began to multiply, shooting shirts onto bodies and into closets around the world." Not sure what all that means? Take a peek into their staff page and it'll give you a better sense not just of who Quiet Hero is, but also of the kind of visuals you can expect to find on their tshirts.

The Spring '09 line is a little more industrial looking that previous seasons. Images of cubes, lines and 3D glasses, all have a very strict look to them. There are also images from seasons past that are showing up again this year.

So, Quiet Hero never ceases to amaze us, first making a splash at the '07 Pool Fashion Show, then getting snatched up by Fred Segal, participating in Green Scene '07 in San Diego and then just next season getting tapped as "one of four" brands to watch at the spring '08 POOL show in Las Vegas.

Not all of the tshirts are organic/environmental, but there are a few tees with organic cotton / bamboo blends. These tshirts are full of bright colors and quirky designs that make you do a double take and then suck you in until you find yourself staring.

The glass rings on the site, while not eco per se, are very mesmerizing. They also sell reusable polycarbonate bottles with the themes of Love, Peace and Joy on the side of the bottle, per the theory espoused by Masaru Emoto that water in the container is affected by the words on the side of the container. The Suki skin-care line, which is a natural skin-care line, is also available on the site.

Like most green fashion these days, Quiet Hero also gives back to charities. Operation Quiet Hero donates to groups like PETA and Heifer International and everyone else in between. The shirts sell for $58 USD retail and can be found on their website and in stores across the US and in Canada. You can also find Quiet Hero on Myspace and their blog.

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