Queer Eye For The Green Guy

We at Treehugger are passionate about transforming sustainable living, not only into a widely practiced reality, but a beautiful one as well. To this end, we have a confession to make: We hate hippies. Actually, no, we love everything about the hippie lifestyle -- eco-consciousness, social activism, desire for a better world. We just think that the standard earth-child personal style is... well, a little schleppy. Who's going to believe someone giving advice on how composting can make your life easier and better, when they're wearing a pair of hemp sandals that actually look like compost? Not us... That's why we spend so much time schooling on green, clean, and keen clothing and image products for the well-dressed treehugger. If you're interested in turning around, or just sprucing up your image, you should take a look at Lou Bendrick's excellent essay on reasons and options for sustainable, and stylish threads. With quotes like "We greens have to stop looking like we eat bark and live in a root cellar", how can you go wrong? :: Queer Eye For The Green Guy [by DM]