Q& A: Hip, Green Maternity Clothes

We received a question from, well, we promised we wouldn't say (just in case her husband was possibly reading). Let's just call her "tipster." She inquired about eco-friendly maternity clothes and found it almost impossible to find any on the web. Well Tipster, we basically had the same luck you but did. Round Belly (shown left) seemed to have the most variety of organic maternity clothes with several different categories such as pants, dresses, suits, etc. We also liked that Round Belly uses sustainable business practices. Next we found Blue Canoe, a company that we wrote about some time ago. They don't necessarily make everyday maternity clothes, but they do have organic maternity bras and nursing clothes. We found their items on several other random maternity sites as well. Under the Nile also had organic nursing bras. In conclusion, we didn't find much. Our advice for the TreeHugger mom-to-be would be to re-use. If you have friends or family members that were recently pregnant, ask if you could borrow their maternity clothes during your pregnancy. Another great resource is eBay and even consignment shops. Chances are, the clothes are slightly worn and in good condition. Thanks for the inquiry and if any readers out there has advice for our "tipster" please let her know. ::Round Belly ::Blue Canoe ::Under the Nile