Puma Pounces on Sustainability Award

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A couple of days ago, the sports company Puma picked up the German Sustainability Award 2010, in the category "Most Sustainable Strategy." Over 560 companies entered in the 2010 competition, so we imagine it was a rather happy Puma CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer who received the award.

"I am convinced that it must become a given that every company has to be sustainable and I am grateful that the German Sustainability Award acknowledges sustainable business strategies and hence underpins the imperative for corporations to change their business practices for the better," said Jochen Zeitz.Puma calls it corporate responsibility program PumaVision, which has the four key imperatives of being Fair, Honest, Positive, and Creative in everything they do. These tenements are connected to the three themes of puma.safe (environmental and social issues), puma.peace (global peace) and puma.creative (supporting artists and creative organizations).

Initiatives born of these programs include 50% of the companies international collections being manufactured with sustainable materials such as organic cotton, Cotton Made in Africa or recycled polyester by 2015. Puma plans to reduce CO2, energy, water and waste in their offices, stores, warehouses and direct supplier factories by 25% over the next four years. As well as introducing a paperless office policy to cut paper use by 75% and reducing their CO2 emissions by more efficient product transport solutions with their logistic partners.

And we've already seen Puma's forays into greener products with bikes, solar phones and footwear packaging (links below) so there does seem to be merit in granting them the award. Though, obviously Puma still have a long road to travel, at least they are staking the first steps.

The German Sustainability Awards or Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis, now in its third year, "intends to encourage companies to operate sustainably and help to raise awareness of the principles of sustainable development. Awards are presented to companies that consistently and extensively implement the principles of sustainability throughout their business to a high standard."

Via SportsOneSource and Fibre2Fashion
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