Prophetik Hits the Catwalk at London Fashion Week

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All images by B. Alter

It's London Fashion Week, darlings, and the look is black. As in long black hair, short black dresses, black tights and black high-heeled ankle boots. That's the audience.

On the catwalk was Prophetik. It's a fashion label from Nashville Tennessee and its creator, Jeff Garner, plays the banjo; now that's got to be a first.

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The clothes are made out natural fabrics. The cotton is natural and organic. All the dyes are vegetable and natural and the clothing is all made in the area. They do a fleece made out of recycled bottles. The leather is recycled.

The theme of the show was Botticelli's Venus which explains the models: very pale- skinned with blonde hair twisted into strange knots and curls.

The colours in the palette of the clothing were very pale and natural coloured. The all-natural plant and earth-based dyes were made from indigo leaves, madder root, marigold, black walnut and osage orange. The sustainable fabrics included hemp silk, linen, ramie, and reclaimed leather.

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It's a long and flowing look; more suitable for slightly hippy parties than for the hard urban streets. Some dresses were tie-dyed, with the white fading into blues and creams bleeding into pinks; very effective. Satin trousers were elegant, and worn with various indigo blue tops made a lovely outfit. Some dresses had insets of colour, or under skirts of a contrasting colour which made them very rich and luxurious.

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The designer, Jeff Garner plays a mean blue-grass banjo. For this show a band from Tennessee, The Hogslops, kicked off the show, but the other star was the London Tafahum Orchestra, a combination of Israeli and Arabic sounds. The small live orchestra played contemporary modern music which was haunting and melodious.

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Image from Nina Dolcetti

Shoes, which were mainly high heeled lace-ups, come from Nina Dolcetti. In keeping with the country theme, her collection is called "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" and is made of upcycled leather and vegetable-tan leather from Italy. The shoes are all hand-made in the east end of London.

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The goody bag was truly eco. This sophisticated looking Envirosax carrier bag has since been seen all over London Fashion Week. Included in the bag was a selection of Burt's Bees cosmetics, a bangle made out of lime green recycled bottle glass, and some seeds to plant.

Prophetik has collaborated with Griffin Technology on some hand-made accessories for the iPhone. One is a nice container, called Folio, made of upcycled reclaimed leather, hand-stitched in Nashville, with room for business cards and credit cards.

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