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For the women on the Great American Apparel Diet, women on a tight budget, and women who frankly are tired of looking at the same outfits every week (and men, too, for that matter), here are some tips from Project Runway contestant Johnny Sakalis on how to relook and rework your wardrobe. He sat down with to talk fashion and these simple tips are easy to work into any closet.First, Johnny advises that you look at "newer" sources for fashion inspiration, rather than those tired, old fashion magazines. Checking out online blogs and (green) websites for what is in-style this season. Then go back your wardrobe and see if you can incorporate any of these new ideas. Second, get a game plan together, particularly for more daring designs, otherwise you risk ruining your favorite coat or gown. Taking items away from an outfit is also a simpler way to rework an outfit rather than trying to add to it.

Third, keep it simple stupid. Try working on your jeans and old tshirts because these fabrics are a bit more "forgiving." Plus, you have more of them so if you make a mistake, you're less likely to cry over it. The only thing he asks: No Bedazzling. Fourth, with items that you just can't see yourself wearing again, why not use the material to make accessories, bags, head scarves, or even blankets. Just because that style is not coming back, doesn't mean that it's curtains for your clothes.

Finally, mix and match things that don't normally go together. Johnny recommends shoes and nail polish, for example. He's been painting high heel pumps and had success with it. (We suggest you refer back to step two before running wild with this one, otherwise, you might be running barefoot after all). :eHow - How to Make Old Clothing Look New
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