Predict the Suit of the Future For a Chance to Win

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Bagir recently announced the world's first recycled suit made from PET bottles, to be sold this Father's Day at Sears. We spoke with Moshe Godot from Bagir yesterday and he assures Americans that the special suit, as promised, will be ready for Father's Day (but in the US only). It's called the EcoGir suit and will be sold under the Covington Label at Sears.

This is also your last chance to enter the contest for a Bagir wash and wear suit. We have two to give away and based on your location, there is a good chance you might be able to score one of the recycled suits, if you win. There are two days left.

How do you win one? For the past few weeks responses have been piling up. The contest question for a free suit is, "What would you do to green the men's tailored clothing business?"

TreeHuggers who want to win a suit have been giving their opinions. Take note clothing manufacturers and entrepreneurs —— the comments section is filled with some bold and bright ideas. Some of our favorites appear after the fold.

Some entries (click to see all):

Design One With Cyclists in Mind
chicaroja writes: another detail which could help green the suit relates to the functionality of the design, specific to riding a bicycle, like shoulder/armpit seam venting, inner snapping tabs of fabric sewn into the pant legs, to keep pant leg rolled up above the height of a chain and all it's grease, or maybe a three-piece version in which the vest is also fashioned specifically with cycling in mind - warm for cold climes, cooling for hot climes. did i mention tan suits are so sexy!

Biodegradable Suits
MattAlexander writes: Another way of Greening the suit industry might be to make suits out of materials that can be deposited DIRECTLY into home composters once they're either worn out or become unfashionable. Finished with that suit? Donate it to the local community garden, mulch it and spread it around. Might wear out faster than usual, but then, that's just good business.

Barcode Suits to Track Environmental Footprint

Patrick Martin Jr:My idea is to include a second scannable barcode on the clothing item. The consumer would thus be able to scan the items barcode at a small multimedia device which would allow the buyer to see slides of the unique processes of the suit, data on what good the purchase of the item will have on the environment, and maybe even the pictures of the farm and conditions of the seep where the wool was purchased. When people can see that their money is going toward a product that is not only environmentally upright, but also humane, there is a higher likelihood that they will talk about the purchasing process and that will bring valuable PR.

Dress Like a Jedi
Jonathan H. says: I have an idea - - - How about we change the mindset of dressing to a certain standard, perpetuated by generations of ridiculous, tailored adornment. I suggest we revolt against the suit and embrace the robe. Noone seems startled to see The Dude or Obi-wan attending an important meeting in a nice, flowing robe. This robe would never need to be dry-cleaned, could be easily fabricated from a sustainable source, and could easily be paried with a poncho to provide weather-reisitance and warmth.


Suits that Change Colors like a Chameleon
TobiasWit says: My revolutionary idea would be to create a suit that changes color. This way, you could have one suit but have many different looks. Perhaps we could develop a way to use soy-based dyes that are perhaps washable, where we could just wash the dye out when we want to change the color of the suit. Maybe we could use an insert that would change the color of the suit.

Suits for Lease
amanda says: I'm big fan of the 'leasing' idea. If there could be a suit recycler, that would be the best answer - a company that makes suits out of old suits (as suggested in the post). This would be a service for the type of man that wears his suit till it's ragged, or the guy that can't be caught in the same suit more then once. I would also stretch this to include men's dress shirts and ties. Take it back, get a fresh one, all at a fraction of the price. Why didn't someone just give Nau a trillion dollars and let them take over the clothing industry??

Think you have a way to revolutionize the men's tailored clothing business?
To enter, visit the TreeHugger post on the Recycled PET Bottle Suit here, and add your suggestion in the comments section. Don't forget to include your email. Winners will be announced on Father's Day.

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