Pratt Student Paints Colorful, Mod Eco-Fashion for Graduation Show

Pratt fashion show© Shawn Punch

Pratt Institute graduate Theresa Deckner isn't afraid to get messy with her eco-fashion line that mixes mod silhouettes and colorful, hand-painted fabrics. The senior thesis collection made its debut at the annual Pratt Fashion Show honoring Fern Mallis on April 26th. It boasts pastel color combinations--some subtle, others striking--and shows promise for Deckner, a young designer who might just be eco-fashion's next rising star.

Pratt fashion show© Shawn Punch
Stand-out pieces include a pale blue and white washed jacket with forest green side panels, above, and an overcoat featuring vibrant colors, painted in abstract fashion, and modern touches, including hot pink piping and clear buttons.

Though the technique differs, Deckner's abstract painting and vibrant colors bring Shabd Simon-Alexander's tie-dye garments from Fall 2010 and Costello Tagliapietra's AirDye fabrics from Spring 2010 to mind.

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Her work has already received a nod from NBC's Thread NY who named her overcoat, below, and the first dress, also above, as "top looks" in the graduation show.

Pratt fashion show© Shawn Punch

Deckner employed sustainable fabrics as her canvas. She says:

Being conscious about fewer waste and using durable-better-for-the-environment materials is very important to me. I know that there are things about the way I made these clothes that could be improved but I tried my best to stay true to my beliefs.

Translation: a collection comprised of 100% hemp and hemp blend fabrics found on and nearly 80% organic fabrics in total, according to the designer. "The rest is a mix of up-cycled garments (cashmere sweaters) or leftover pieces of fabric that I found or had stored in one of my fabric boxes," Deckner explains.

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As for her paint, she used a mixture of acrylic paint and a acrylic polymer emulsion from Golden Artist Colors because "it makes the paint colorfast, washable, and allows it to retain a softer hand," she says. And as for the mint-green pants--a hue that also stood out on Costello Tagliapietra's runway--she dyed those by hand, too.

Deckner's collection as a whole is a play on contrast, from the artful fabrics and pastel hues to the sharp, mod silhouettes. It's hard to keep up--the two themes diverge from one another--but, even so, Deckner is one to watch out for: her future collections may claim her mark on the fashion scene, but this one is not it.

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Pratt Student Paints Colorful, Mod Eco-Fashion for Graduation Show
Theresa Deckner might just be eco-fashion's next big name, thanks to a collection bursting with colorful, hand-painted sustainable fabrics.

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