Portable Spin Dryer from The Laundry Alternative


The company that brought the world the Wonderwash is at it again. The Laundry Alternative recently came out with a spin dryer that revolves at 3200 rpm to help dry your clothes in just two or three minutes; it won't do the same job as a conventional tumble dryer (clothes come out a little damp) but would work great in tandem with a clothes line or drying rack (or the aforementioned Wonderwash). The company claims it removes as much water in the two-to-three minute cycle as a conventional dryer does in 30 minutes; the spin dryer is also much more gentle on clothes, which helps prolong their usable lives. It connects to any 110V outlet, and, at 22 pounds, is quite portable. We've mentioned spin dryers before, as a money-saving gadget; this spin dryer goes for $129.95 direct from The Laundry Alternative; it also has a little brother that can handle a pair of jeans or two at a time. ::The Laundry Alternative

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