Po-Zu - Natural Slippers


If you’re looking for something to keep your feet warm and stylish around the house this winter, these Slippers from Po-Zu might be just the eco-tanned, biodegradable pair you are looking for. Po-Zu believes that our ‘environment has become the ultimate fashion-victim’ so they are looking beyond trends to create a design that will benefit the environment as well as the consumer. Inspired by the Japanese tradition of taking your shoes off as you enter the house and replacing them with indoor shoes Po-Zu has designed two pairs of slippers, one for men ‘Marui’ and one for women ‘Itten’. The slippers are hand crafted in the UK without chemicals and using organic materials. The leather upper is vegetable tanned and the slipper is stitched together, rather than glued, making it easier to recycle. The sole or ‘mattress’ of the slipper is made from coconut fibre (coir) and natural latex. They say that ‘this 100% natural combination has excellent breatheability to keep your feet dry, as well as good insulation for both hot and cold climates.’ Po-Zu’s dedication to creating a sustainable product doesn’t just stop at their shoes. The coconut packaging box is fully biodegradable too. They suggest that you can use it to plant seeds in at home, then when the plants are big enough you can place the tray in the earth and it will biodegrade naturally. Po-Zu are also in the process of setting up a take-back scheme for customers, so that when you are ready for a new pair you can send them back to Po-Zu where they will be disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner possible, and you will also get a discount on your new pair! It will come as no surprise to you that Po-Zu are being stocked by the eco-shoe kings Terra Plana in their stores in London and New York. Po-Zu slippers will be available to buy in Japan as of February 2007. Po-Zu is certified by the Ethical Company for the Good Shopping Guide. Via Observer Magazine. ::Po-Zu

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