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Most if not all surf companies now offer organic clothing lines — makes sense since this community is directly affected by the cleanliness of our oceans and often very active in terms of environmental protection. But actually finding those organic surf clothing lines can be another challenge. Planet Surfwear just made the process worlds (no pun intended) simpler by putting several of these organic lines under one roof. Patagonia has long been a leader in organic surf and outdoor products. Now groups like, "Ripcurl Planet, Reef Redemption, Billabong Design for Humanity, Plain Lazy,
Colonel Kilgore, Etnies Seed Project, Rapanui, Tonic Tshirts, VANS, and Little Green Radicals" are all getting in on the act and can be found at Planet Surfwear. Clothing comes in all sizes for men, women, kids, and babies, and they also offer accessories. Most of the items fall between £13-70.

Planet Surfwear also donates 20% of every purchase to fair-trade and organic charities for example helping farmers move away from conventional farming practices. That's 10% to each to be more exact. The company also uses 100% degradable mailers, which they are trial running to see if they actually biodegrade within 12 months of sunlight exposure as claimed.

Several board companies have gotten into the act by reducing materials on their surfboards and making more eco-friendly surf-wax. Surf activist organizations like Surfrider encourage the public to take care of their beaches. Now this green surf movement is moving to the next level and cleaning up lifestyle products.

Planet Surfwear is based in the UK, known for its good surf spots, and can be found online.

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