Planet Earth Green Collection — Street Cred


Outside magazine recently ran a spot on Green Jeans. Some of our old faves like, Edun, Howies and Loomstate got the nod. But strangely 'Planet Earth' seems to have slipped under our radar, to date. A streetwear brand of apparel, that hails from Carlsbad, California they make clothing for guys into the surf, skate and snow scene. But recently wrote, "We recognise that our actions as a company, and as individuals, affect the overall welfare of the planet." And thus took on the responsibility of spending a couple of years to develop their Green Collection, whereby they've used materials they tag as 'natural, organic and sustainable'. These include: hemp, organic cotton, ramie, recycled polyester, linen, and wool. Such fabrics have been employed throughout a broad range of clobber from woven and knitted shirts to shorts, pants, sweaters and tees. The denim jeans observed by Outside mag use a 55% ramie and 45% cotton blend. Alas, the cotton does not seem to be organic in this instance, though it is for their shirts and sweats. Apparently following on from the work on the Green Collection, the company is initiating eco-endeavours throughout the business as a whole. ::Planet Earth Green Collection.

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