Pharrell Williams partners with G-Star Raw to promote awareness about plastic pollution

raw for the oceans
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It's Fashion Week in New York City, so there's no shortage of fashion-related celebrity buzz. But here's one you might not have seen coming: musician Pharrell Williams is now the creative director of a recycled textiles maker, Bionic Yarn. The company is partnering with G-Star Raw to launch a new collection during Fashion Week, called Raw for the Ocean.

Bionic Yarn is made from recycled plastic PET, some of which is extracted from the ocean. One of the goals of the line is to raise awareness about the massive plastics pollution problem. Fittingly, the mascot of the collection is an octopus.

Here's what Pharrell has to say about it:

"Through the collaboration between Bionic Yarn and G-Star, we are making sustainable products more accessible for everyone. By creating yarn from oceans' plastic, we are actually moving things forward within the fashion industry."

Thecla Schaeffer at G-Star Raw explains that the Bionic material is just like denim. "The Bionic yarn is coiled with cotton. When you feel the fabric it feels as soft as regular denim. And it looks like regular denim."

It's my understanding that extracting plastics from the ocean is a logistical nightmare, so it's good that Bionic is not only working to do that but also putting the material to use. What's even better is that when the clothes wear out, the fabric can be recycled by separating the cotton from the polyester.

Schaeffer said G-Star Raw and Bionic are planning to continue collaborating in the future. "This is a long-term creative exploration to innovate denim and make a real impact against plastic pollution," she said. "Together with Pharrell, we will launch a new Bionic collection each season. Next to those collections, we are planning to integrate Bionic Yarn in as much product as we can."

We look forward to seeing more of the collection, which will be in stores in July.

Pharrell Williams partners with G-Star Raw to promote awareness about plastic pollution
The "Raw for the Ocean" line feature textiles made with recycled plastic.

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