Peruvian Mundo Hemp Concept Store

It might sound odd with all the hemp we’ve covered here and all the development this fiber has in North America an Europe, but in Latin American countries, hemp is not such a known resource and still many people associate it to drug consumption. That’s why the work of organisms like Mundo Hemp is so important. Mundo Hemp is a concept store in Cusco, Peru, which was born out of the need to introduce hemp as an alternative natural and renewable commodity. Here people can learn about this plant and buy clothing and house accessories produced in association with Mama Oqllo community, which colours hemp fabrics following the ancient techniques with local plants and herbs. Plus, they can taste food, soups and sweets elaborated with hemp flour and oil mixed with organic products. At the end of the day, a percentage of the store sales are dedicated to finance projects and information campaigns to make people aware about hemp. To know more about this place and their products, e-mail them at info [at] mundohemp [dot] com, or if you are in Cusco, step by Qanchipata 596 (San Blas, Cusco). ::Mundo Hemp