People Tree, Ecover + Ecotricity Get It Together


At TreeHugger we're firm believers that several heads are better than one, just look at how many of us are bringing you green news everyday! So when we heard that three great pioneers of sustainability are starting to work together in the UK we just knew that progress was being made. The collaboration between People Tree - eco-friendly and ethical fashion, Ecover - eco-cleaning products, and Ecotricity - green electricity, shows some pretty smart and creative thinkers taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture of our wardrobe's life cycle.

You may remember that the wash and care of a t-shirt can account for 80% of its carbon footprint. So it makes sense for People Tree, who are working hard on sustainability at the start of the garment's life by using Fair Trade organic cotton, to team up with Ecover and Ecotricity, who can help us take care of the rest of our garment's life. While each of these companies individually are making advancements in the greening of their sectors, together they can take even bigger steps to create awareness. "They plan to work together on a long-term basis to educate consumers about their role in minimising the carbon footprint of their clothing.""People Tree and Ecover have already collaborated on an on-pack promotion, telling the story of a 'Happy and Un-happy' t-shirt, which featured on 750 000 Ecover products in supermarkets across the UK. People tree will work with Ecotricity to encourage consumers to switch to green energy through joint marketing efforts."

When we met at the press launch of People Tree at London Fashion Week Kat Forse of Ecover explained that together they are trying to encourage "Joined up thinking through the whole process, from when you buy your clothes, to when you wash them and look after them." :: People Tree ::Ecover :: Ecotricity