Patagonia's Infurno jacket (and friend)

Eons ago, Patagonia did an environmental audit on the four core materials of their outdoor clothing line. Which was the worst? Consultants concluded that really; cotton, wool, nylon and polyester, were all pretty much as grim as each other. This didn’t stopped the firm from pushing the envelope, to improve the eco cred of their line. Aside from moving their entire cotton production over to organic, they were also pioneers in fleece from recycled PET soda bottles. Reckoning they’ve saved, so far, about 86 million such bottles from an immediate trip to the landfill. Recently they began offering shelled jackets using a recycled PET woven fibre (it also rescues polyester from car dashboards and classroom chairs). You can find it in the Infurno. A jacket which relies on ...... the internal pile to draw moisture away, capillary-like, from the skin to make the wear feel dry. Without need of any waterproof coating or laminate. A concept that works best on colder climes. Originally invented by canny Scots ice climbers, who know a thing or two about cold and wet! For more urbane pursuits, women can opt for the Shelled Synchilla Jacket, with the same recycled material heritage. $250 and $158 respectively. ::Patagonia [by WM]


Womens Shelled Synchilla

PS. PCR stands for Post Consumer Recycled.