Patagonia's Gone All Sheepish


At the time we wrote about the Vermont Organic Fibre Company supplying the US market with organic wool, Patagonia hadn't quite released their offerings. Recently though, their fall line did arrive and they most certainly do want you to pull the wool over your eyes. There are organic wool sweaters and cardigans. [The sheep and their pastures are free of synthetic pesticides and their feed is organic]. New performance wool underwear (reminiscent of IceBreaker, and all those who followed) comes in three weights of New Zealand Merino. [The ratio of stock to hectare is low. The mulesing-free sheep graze on natural grass and drink spring water, producing a wool so fine it can be "slow-washed without environmentally harmful chlorine."] Plus, there is a line of other woollen garments that also meet this chlorine-free eco-wash standard. And some cuddly cashmere numbers too. Should you like your clothes a bit more on the Flash Gordon side of earthy, then they do offer Axuwool - wool blended with polyester. We've rounded up the complete flock into a single paddock. ::Patagonia Fabric Info.


Top pic: Organic wool, Axuwool (polyester blend)

Lower Pic: Merino wool underwear and sweater