Patagonia Extension Cord Pants

Patagonia W's Ext Cords.jpg

Patagonia’s new Extension Cord pants are made from hemp and PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) polyester, a proprietary textile made from recycled soda bottles. They’re designed to accommodate the rigors of climbing and bouldering, but we think they’re equally swell for hitting the latest hipster hangout for a drink after a hard day at the office. Available for men and women. $74 ::Patagonia

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According to Patagonia,

>Approximately 26 billion plastic bottles end up in U.S. landfills each year.

>Patagonia has saved about 86 million bottles from the trash heap. That’s enough to fill up a 40-gallon gas tank 20,000 times.

>The company donates 1% of its net or 10% of its pre-tax profits (which ever is higher) to environmental causes.