Patagonia Celebrates 10 Organic Years


One of our all-time favorites, Patagonia, is celebrating 10 organically-grown years in 2006. We received an email from them with the announcement stating that in 1996 it was a risk for them to make the switch to 100% organic cotton. From the email:
"Going organic was a difficult decision for us – ethically it made perfect sense, but it was expensive and hard to come by. Today, thanks to you our friends and customers, we're still selling organic cotton clothing and more and more businesses are making the switch because you voted with your dollars."
We love to see that they are still going strong. And although more companies are indeed switching to organic cotton, Patagonia still has the niche in that their quality and vision still remain the same as it did 10 years ago. See their fall line. ::Patagonia