Pakucho: Naturally Pigmented Cotton


Free from dyes, chemicals and synthetic processing, from seed to T-shirt. So how do they get them there colours without dyes, you might be wondering? ‘Coz cotton actually grows in different colours. The white cotton we all know is a long fibre and easier to process. The coloured variations are of a shorter length and more troublesome to fabricate. Sally Fox, of Foxfibre, pioneered cotton breeding to bring us long fibre, naturally coloured cotton decades ago. Now that the green market has matured, the concept is finally getting some long deserved traction. We’ve noted the idea once, twice even thrice before. But on this occasion it’s T-shirts in four shades termed: Café, Ecru, Vicuña and Avocado. £18 for the short cap women’s shirts shown here. Men’s style also available. Pakucho’s site is another of those Flash heavy numbers, though we did like the wandering ladybug - a symbol of chemical free pest control. And their potted history of coloured cotton is worth the read too. ::Pakucho, via Well Fashioned.

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